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So, you need a new worktop for your kitchen but have the niggling thought – Are wooden worktops a good idea?    

You are not alone, as it is a question many people have, which is understandable as a worktop is a significant investment. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the worktop you invest in can stand the test of time and will continue to look fabulous as the years pass.    

Do Wood Worktops Last?

Hardwoods, as the name suggests, are very hard wearing and create a durable worktop perfect for a busy family space, which often has multiple uses. A wood worktop can fit beautifully into a contemporary or traditional kitchen design to give a surface that, with a small amount of maintenance, should last for decades. 

Natural hardwood timber such as Oak, Maple and Ash give beautiful warmth and character to a space, which cannot be gained with other materials like marble or granite. They are also brilliant at reducing the echo and sound in a room, as they absorb sound, unlike other materials which reverberate sound and increase noise.  

The oak wood worktop is a popular option with detailed golden grainlines and knots, creating its unique character and developing as the timber ages. The European Walnut worktop is also popular and darker in colour than the oak. Its grain patterns give striking colour variations within a single worktop. Both types of wood can last for decades and age like a fine wine as the years pass.   

Maintenance & Repair?

Whilst wood worktops are very hard wearing, they do need a little TLC to keep them looking at their best and require oiling every few months or when they stop being water-repellent.    

If the worktops become damaged, most can be easily repaired. Whether from dents, knife marks or a child’s artist streak getting out of hand, the wood can be sanded and oiled, returning it to its former glory and ensuring it looks at its best.  

Is Wood a Sustainable Material?

Choosing a wood, which is 100% FSC certified, ensures that the wood worktop you select is from a managed forest with a replanting program. This ensures the sustainability of the timber for the future. Prime Oak, Deluxe Oak and Deluxe Prime Oak are all excellent sustainable options.  

Is Wood a Hygienic Surface?

Wood is naturally non-porous, which makes it resistant to bacteria and an easy surface to maintain and clean. This resistance to bacteria is one of the reasons the butcher block has been popular for many years and is still prevalent in many modern and traditional kitchens.    

As you can see, there are many advantages to having a wood worktop for your kitchen design, not only for the aesthetic properties that a wood worktop brings to your kitchen but also for its hardwearing properties and practicality.    

By choosing a wood worktop, you are adding more than just a work surface to your kitchen, as you are also adding all of the warmth, character and charm that comes with this unique natural material. 

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