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The wood worktop you choose for your kitchen can make a massive difference to the finished look. Not only does a worktop need to be practical and hardwearing, but it also needs to look fabulous.   

The European walnut, and the American black walnut, are both popular worktop choices, but knowing which is right for your kitchen design can be challenging. In this blog, we will outline the differences which will help you make the right decision for your kitchen space.   

Walnut is a distinctive, luxurious hardwood and has been praised for its beauty for years; its heritage can be traced back to Roman times. However, there are differences between European Walnut and Black American Walnut. Looking at them together will help you make an informed choice for your design.

European Walnut

The European Walnut worktop is a popular option in our extensive range. It has rich brown tones and varied grain patterns, giving warmth and elegance to your kitchen design. The varied grain patterns, and distinctive wave-like lines, create an eye-catching centrepiece that will complement modern and traditional kitchen designs.   

European walnut timber is known for its hardwearing properties, making it perfect for a busy kitchen, which is often the most active room in the home. With its 40mm staves, the solid wood worktop design gives a unique pattern to every worktop and shows off the beautiful, distinctive grain patterns and colours to create a dramatic finish product.    

Black American Walnut

The solid wood American Walnut worktops are darker in colour than the European walnut, making them perfect for creating a striking design. The dark, almost black tones make this wood particularly distinctive and popular in our range. The worktops can be paired, with light cabinets, for a distinct contrast or with dark cabinets to create a luxuriously opulent feel to your design.   

The American walnut worktops are incredibly hard wearing and will last for many years; they are available in 40mm, stave, and full stave options to fit your particular space, making them perfect for almost any design and style.   

Looking at the facts

The European Walnut vs Black American Walnut may look very different, but similar characteristics make them a relatively even match. They are both incredibly distinctive, beautifully finished and perfect for creating a stunning centrepiece in a home.  

They are both extremely hard wearing and will last for many years to come, and they have many uses, from worktops and breakfast bars to kitchen islands. The main difference, and the one you may want to use to make your decision, is the colour that best fits your design. The European walnut may be right for you if you require warm tones which give your room a cosy feel. Or if you are looking for something more striking and dramatic, then the American Walnut may be a better option.   

If you are still trying to decide whether the European Walnut or the American walnut is the best option, you can order a wood sample from us and see the wood in your home. 

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