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When choosing a wood worktop, it is essential to get the right design for your kitchen space, as the kitchen is far more than just a place to cook. It is often the hub of the modern home and is used as a space for family time, entertaining and the first coffee of the day.   

A worktop needs to be hardwearing and able to cope with the demands of modern life.  

Oak wood is known for its hard wearing despite its delicate honey tones and distinctive grain patterns and knots. For creating a modern or contemporary feel, oak is a versatile wood that will last for decades and age gracefully as the decades pass.   

In this blog, we will look at the best option: a Finger Jointed Oak Worktop or a Full Stave Oak worktop, to help you make the right decision for your home. 

Finger Jointed Oak

The finger-jointed oak worktop is also known as 40mm and 80mm stave worktops, and the finger joint refers to the joint which is used to join the pieces of wood (staves) together invisibly. The V shapes or fingers are cut out of each piece of timber at opposing levels. The two pieces of wood are then glued and slotted together to form a strong and seamless join; this process is repeated many times and creates a solid worktop.   

The finger joints give the worktops a distinctive block pattern design and perfectly show off the oak wood’s contrasting grain patterns and natural features. The finger-jointed oak worktops are available in the oak, deluxe oak and prime deluxe oak options to suit the type of grain pattern, character and knots you prefer.   

Full Stave Oak

The full-stave oak worktops are perfect for the kitchen design, which requires a more uniform structure to the worktop. The staves of wood run the entire length of the worktop, showing off the long grain lines and golden honey tones at their best.   

The long staves, which are available in various widths, are invisibly joined together. This structure creates a large piece of wood, which is then expertly sanded, giving a quality finish which is fit to grace the most luxurious kitchens.  

The full staves are available in Oak, Rustic Oak, and Prime Oak. The full stave design makes them perfect for large areas such as breakfast bars, kitchen islands and worktops, which need to be hardworking and capable of standing up to the demands of modern life.   

So, which is the best in the Finger Jointed Oak vs Full Stave Oak comparison?   

Oak is a beautiful, traditional wood that has been used for centuries to create a hardwearing work surface, which will age gracefully and gain even more character as the decades pass. 

Choosing whether to invest in the finger-jointed oak or the full-stave oak may come down to your preference in grain patterns. If you prefer to have more contrasting grain patterns and knots, then the finger joints may be the best option. However, if you prefer a more uniform look for your kitchen, the full-stave oak may be right for you. 

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