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Rustic oak has had many uses over the centuries, from shipbuilding and barns to furniture and wine barrels, due to its hardwearing properties and abundant charm and character. These characteristics also make it perfect for creating solid wood worktops, which enhance your kitchen design, adding warmth and golden tones.   

However, knowing which worktop is right for your design can be a difficult choice. In this blog, we will look at which worktop is best in the full stave rustic oak vs super stave rustic oak comparison.    

Oak is full of rustic charm and perfect for adding a touch of class and sophistication to both modern and traditional kitchen design. The rustic oak shows timber in its most natural form, with multiple grain lines, knots and varying tones, which rustic oak is renowned for. The full-stave rustic oak worktop and the super-stave rustic oak worktop are both made from this exquisitely marked timber.  

Full Stave Rustic Oak

A stave is a block or plank; multiple staves are joined together to create the worktop. In the case of the full-stave rustic oak worktops, these planks run the entire length of the worktop and measure 80 mm-150 mm in width. Each stave is invisibly joined with a v-grooved joint to create a seamless finish and a hard wearing surface. This design is perfect for showing the extended long grain lines and knots at their best.  

Super Stave Rustic Oak

The super stave rustic oak worktops are created from staves which are 160 mm-250 mm in width. Like the full stave rustic oak, they are also joined with v-grooved joints, which allow the joins to be invisible while giving a robust and solid worktop that will last for decades. This comprehensive design shows off the broader grain patterns and knots, often prominent in the rustic oak.    

A worktop for the future

The worktop for a modern home needs to be able to stand the test of time. The robust structure of the oak wood makes both the super and full stave worktops the ideal addition to the modern kitchen, whether for a breakfast bar, worktop or kitchen island.    

So,the question is who should be the winner?  They are both exceptionally hardwearing, full of character, finished to an exceptional standard, and perfect for pairing with modern and traditional kitchen cabinets.    

How can you decide when they seem so equally matched?   

The decision is best based on preference and whether you like the broader staves that show the wider grain patterns. Or the narrower option of the full stave, which often offers more contrasting golden honey and light chestnut brown colours, which can add even more character.    

If you are still trying to decide whether the full stave or super stave is the right choice for you. Order a free solid wood sample; this will allow you to see the wood in your home and help you make the right decision for your unique kitchen design.    

Why wait, order your Solid wood worktop today!

We know wood, and because of this, we are able to offer you an expansive collection of wood worktops and services, to suit any and all home projects.

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