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Oak is a beautiful, strong and elegant timber, which, as well as being very pleasing to the eye, creates a worktop that has many practical benefits and will last for years. Due to oak being a natural material, you can also rest assured that each piece will be unique, with its own elegant charm, character, grain lines and knots.   

Oak is a timber that has been used for decades and is still as popular as ever today. It is at home in both the modern and traditional kitchen space; an oak worktop will create a timeless look, guaranteeing your kitchen will always be on trend. Here are some of the practical benefits of buying a new oak worktop for your home:

The Hard Wearing Work Surface.

Kitchens are busy areas and often become the hub of the modern home, with multiple uses from cooking and informal dining to entertaining and as a homework space. Oak is a dense wood, making it hard wearing and capable of holding its own in even the busiest kitchens for decades. This durability makes the oak worktop an excellent investment, as instead of looking old and tired, as invariably many worktops do, it will gain character and age gracefully. 

Easy to Clean.

It is obviously essential to have an easy-to-clean surface in the kitchen, as it is used for food preparation. An oak worktop is easy to clean, requiring only a damp cloth and natural disinfectant. Wood also has natural antibacterial properties, making it difficult for bacteria to survive and great for a kitchen environment.  

Sound Reducing Ability.

Many worktops can increase the echo and noise of the kitchen space by reverberating the sound around the room. The benefit of a new oak worktop is that it can absorb sound, helping to reduce the echo and sound in the room. This quality can be particularly beneficial in a large space, helping to create a more warm and homely feel. 

Simple to Repair.

Many worktops can become damaged over time and need replacing. However, with an oak worktop provided, they are regularly oiled; they will continue to look at their best for years. If the worst should happen and they become damaged, it is often easy and inexpensive to return them to their former glory with some sanding and oiling. This increases their lifetime and makes them a sensible long-term investment.   

An Environmentally Friendly Option.

The oak timber can be harvested from FSC (Forest stewardship council) approved forests, making it a good choice for environmentally conscious people. When the worktop’s life finally ends, the oak timber can be recycled and continue its life in another form, which is often not the case with other worktop materials.  

There are numerous practical benefits to having a new oak worktop in your kitchen space. It adds warmth and character to your home and gives you a practical, long-lasting workspace which is easy to clean, maintain and repair. These many benefits make a new oak worktop an investment well worth making. 

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