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“What is a full stave worktop?” is a question many people understandably have when looking to buy a wood worktop. In this blog, we will answer that exact question and help you buy your worktop confidently.   

Wooden worktops come in all different shapes, sizes, and timbers, to fit each unique design, space and budget, from 40mm staves to full stave worktops. Both, by their design, add a stylish elegance to a kitchen and create a practical, hardwearing, versatile space.   

A full stave is a plank that runs the worktop’s entire length and varies in width from 80mm, to 250mm. The worktops are crafted by joining staves to form the large piece of wood used to produce the worktop.    

The Full Stave Design

The construction technique used to make the worktops helps exhibit the wood’s long flowing grain lines, knots, and beauty to its best and creates a durable surface that will enhance a kitchen for decades. The staves are expertly joined together, using joints cut into the side of each stave; they are then secured using high-pressure and glueing techniques. This process forms a solid piece of wood with a strong yet barely visible join.    

The full staves are made from long lengths of timber harvested from sustainably managed forests, ensuring customers can buy safe in the knowledge that their purchase is not harming the environment. The timber is skilfully manufactured into high-quality wood worktops in the UK and Europe. They have a 150-grit finish, creating an exceptionally smooth surface ready for sealing and oiling before installation. 

An Eye Catching Style

The beauty of the long plank is they show the unique flowing grain patterns of the charming timbers at their best. The full stave construction creates a large piece of wood, which is hardwearing and elegant, with even colouring. They are superb for creating eye-catching worktops, islands, and breakfast bars, which can enhance a kitchen space to create a multifunctional area.  

Whether you have light or dark cabinets, for your kitchen design, there will be a worktop which will complement them seamlessly. Full-stave worktops are versatile and enhance modern and traditional kitchen designs, giving them a classy, stylish look whether you have light or dark cabinets.  

More Than Just A kitchen

The modern kitchen is often used for much more than just cooking. The worktops create the perfect area for entertaining, lazy Sunday brunches and even a workspace for homework and studying. When choosing your worktop, getting the right tones and colours for your space is essential. The worktops are available in a wide range of timbers, from golden oak and maple to darker cherry and Sapele woods.

Natural wood gives a beautiful warm feel to your home, creating a relaxing space that can become your home’s hub. The full stave worktops design is perfect for creating a practical space and adding a touch of class to your kitchen area with its even colour, distinctive grain and character.   

Remember that we are always here to help you. We have a team of experts you can contact by phone or email, to answer any questions about purchasing a worktop. 

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