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A well-designed kitchen is far more than just a room to prepare a meal and often becomes the activity hub of the home. A place for family time, entertaining friends and relaxed Sunday brunches. This is why it can feel a little overwhelming to redesign a practical, organised and beautiful kitchen for your home.   

To help you, we have collated a list of things to consider when redesigning your kitchen.  

Kitchens have many uses, and deciding what you will use your kitchen for at the start of your design journey, will help you ensure you create a space which serves you well, now and in the future.  

List the essentials

When designing a kitchen, it can be easy to spend a considerable chunk of your budget on a few unplanned items, which leaves you having to cut back on the essentials. Creating a list of the non-negotiable items you need to buy first and their costs will allow you to control your budget and design.   


Consider the tasks you perform most frequently in the kitchen. Can you make these tasks quicker and simpler with your new kitchen designed? Like ensuring the coffee machine can be near the mugs, coffee, tea, and kettle. So whatever hot drink you are making, you can do it quickly and simply.  


Many things work hard in a kitchen, none more so than the worktops. They must be hard wearing, easy to clean and maintain and bring the whole kitchen design together. There are many options from solid woods like charming oak, ash and Iroko, which add warmth and character to granite or marble, which can give a colder feel.  


If sinks, dishwashers and washing machines are going to be situated in new places, check with an expert that it is possible for the plumbing to be moved to the new position before finalising your design.    


The redesign will likely leave you without a kitchen for some time. Planning how long this is likely to be and making alternative arrangements for meal times, either having a temporary kitchen or preparing meals in advance, which can be microwaved easily, will help you prepare and keep the inconvenience to a minimum.   

Taking the time to plan your redesign at the start can help ensure you design a practical and beautiful space for now and the future. That will be able to accommodate your needs as time passes and your family dynamics change. 

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