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With so many woods available for worktops, knowing which one will be the right choice for your kitchen design can be challenging. You need a wood, which will help you create the look you desire and give you a functional work area for food prep, cooking, and possibly informal dining. This blog will look at which wood is best for worktops and help you make an informed decision.   

Due to the wide range of beautiful timbers available, there are many different options for wood worktops, from the darkest Iroko and Wenge wood to the almost honey-coloured oak. Each has unique grain patterns, great character, and charm to fit beautifully with both modern and contemporary cabinet designs.

Most modern kitchens are used for a variety of activities, from food prep and cooking to informal dining and even as a workspace. The best type of wood to choose for a worktop is hardwood, such as Oak, Maple or Iroko or as they are able to easily stand the rigours of modern life and create the versatile surface needed.  

The most popular wood worktop in our range is oak, which is hardly surprising, as oak offers beautiful warmth and golden tones to a kitchen—fitting perfectly with traditional or modern cabinets to create a stunning hub for your home.   

Oak also provides a practical, extremely hard wearing surface and can be a wise investment that will last for decades, increasing with character and charm as the years go by. This hard wearing durability and exceptional strength are why oak has been used for centuries to build ships, houses, butcher blocks and kitchens and is still the most popular today.   

There are a variety of expertly crafted oak worktops available to choose from, from the Prime and Deluxe Prime Oak to the Full Stave Rustic Oak

Prime oak and full-stave rustic oak are made from oak in their most natural state and contain the widest variety of grain patterns, tones and knots. This gives the worktop extra character and charm and makes each worktop completely unique.   

The deluxe oak and prime oak worktops are made from timber which has a more even colouring and fewer knots to give a more uniform look to the worktop.  

The oak worktops are available in 40 mm stave, full stave and super stave options, which give different designs and grain patterns to the worktops. The 40mm stave or blocks are expertly joined together using v-groove joints to create a single solid piece of wood worktop. The full and super staves are planks that run the worktop’s whole length and show the long grain lines and patterns to their fullest.   

There are many kinds of wood to choose from when looking for a worktop, and in practicality and popularity, it is hard to beat the graceful charm of the traditional oak. Oak is versatile, and its gentle golden honey tones can fit beautifully with light cabinets to create a warm, light area. Or with darker cabinets to create a stunning centrepiece for your home.     

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We know wood, and because of this, we are able to offer you an expansive collection of wood worktops and services, to suit any and all home projects.

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