27mm Wood Kitchen Worktops

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We offer a wide range of 27mm worktops here at Wood Worktops in many beautiful timbers, whether you are looking for the light warm golden tones of the Oak and Ash or the luxurious rich bronze tones and mottled grain pattern of the Iroko or Sapele wood.   

The worktops are ideal for the modern kitchen, which is frequently used for much more than just cooking and is often the hub of the home. Their hardwearing properties make them able to withstand the rigours of modern life, and as the year’s pass, they will age gracefully and gain character.     

The 27mm worktops are masterfully crafted by our team of experts from sustainably sourced timbers, reassuring you that your purchase is not harming the environment. These timbers are made into full staves (planks) that run the worktop’s length. This design shows off the elegant grain patterns and the beautiful tones of the natural wood at their best.    

We know how important it is to get the right worktop for your home and offer free wood samples to look at in your home, which will help you be confident in the investment you are making.  It is always recommended that an experienced tradesperson fits the worktops with the correct tools. This will help you create the best quality finish and have a worktop that is safely fitted and will last for decades.   

You can place your order online, or if you need any assistance, simply call or email the team, and we will be happy to help you.

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