720mm Wood Kitchen Worktops

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At Wood Worktops, we have a vast range of 720mm worktops in lengths, from 0.9m to 4.2m, to fit your kitchen design and space perfectly. Whether creating a modern look or something more traditional, we will have a worktop to complement your design and cabinets.  

A solid wood worktop is perfect for a busy home. It gives a hard wearing surface that will last for decades, gaining in character as the years pass. The 720mm worktops are available in full stave planks, which run the entire length of the worktop and the 40mm stave blocks. Both options show off the unique grain patterns of this natural product beautifully. The 40mm stave blocks are joined using V groove joints, creating the special block pattern effect.  

The worktops are manufactured from sustainably sourced timbers in the UK and Europe. They have square corners and edges as standard and are sanded to a 150-grit finish, ready for oiling or sealing, which is required before installation.    

An oiling and sealing service is available if you would like to save time and prefer your worktop to be prepared for fitting from delivery. A free wood sample service is also available and allows you to see the wood in your home, before making your purchase.  

Placing your order is simple. Carefully measure the area for your worktop, select the wood you require and then choose from the available size options. If you have any questions or need any assistance, contact our helpful team, who are on hand to guide and help you.

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