Full Stave Wood Worktops

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Full stave worktops add a beautiful elegance to your kitchen design, showing off the wonderful character and long grains of solid wood at their best. Whether you choose the golden tones of Oak, the dark tones of the Iroko wood, or the almost white Ash, the result will be stunning.   

The full-stave worktops are made up of the largest planks of wood in our range, running the entire length of the worktop. This gives the worktop a more uniform colour than the block stave design and creates a hard-wearing surface that ages beautifully over time. They are available in a range of lengths and widths, which allows you to buy the right size for your available space and kitchen design to avoid wasting these beautiful timbers.  

The timber used to create the planks is harvested from sustainable sources. It is then manufactured, in factories in the UK and Europe, by skilled craftspeople using the latest machinery and techniques. This creates a high-quality worktop that enhances both the traditional and contemporary design.  

The worktops have a 150-grit finish, which creates a beautifully smooth surface ready for oiling or sealing. Oiling and sealing should be completed before the worktops are fitted to ensure all areas are well sealed.   

Ordering your full stave worktop is simple. Select your chosen timber and the required size from the options given, then add any additional services required. Our team of experts can help you by phone or email if you have any questions or need assistance.

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