Solid Iroko Wood Kitchen Worktops UK

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At Wood Worktops, we have a stunning range of Iroko worktops made from the finest quality timber. Iroko, sometimes referred to as African Teak, is full of dark hues and wonderful golden tones, which add a luxurious feel to both the traditional and contemporary kitchen design.   

With its high oil content, this hard wearing wood is naturally resistant to stains and moisture, making it a perfect choice for a kitchen.  

Iroko timber is a light-yellow colour but darkens to reveal deeper golden brown and bronze tones over a few weeks and will darken even further when oiled. The sophisticated colour, tones and grain patterns create a beautiful centrepiece.   

The Iroko worktops are expertly manufactured in Europe and the UK from sustainably sourced, carefully selected timber in 40mm stave (blocks), and full stave (planks) designs, with staves running the whole length of the worktop. They are available in a range of sizes, from 0.06m to 4.2m in length, 620mm to 1240mm in width and 27mm and 38mm in thicknesses, to suit your kitchen design and available space.   

The worktops are supplied ready for oiling or sealing and have square edges and corners. Oiling and sealing should be completed before the worktop is fitted to ensure thorough coverage of all surfaces, including sides and edges. Per-oiling and bespoke cutting services are available if you would prefer your Iroko worktop ready to fit on delivery.   

 Iroko samples, which you can order online, are available if you would like to see the wood in your home before placing your order.   

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