Light Wood Kitchen Worktops

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Light wood kitchen worktops give a bright, airy, spacious feel to a kitchen area. They help you make the most of the available natural light to give your room warmth and the illusion of space.   

Many options are available, from Ash’s pale, almost grey tones to the delicate golden tones of Beech. Each has its own distinctive properties, grain patterns and lines, which make each worktop unique.   

The light wood timbers are light in colour but extremely hard wearing. This makes them the perfect choice for the busy modern kitchen, which is often used for far more than cooking and can become a multi-functional space for the whole family.   

The light woods are versatile and can be matched perfectly with the dark, and light cabinets, to create a calm, airy space or something more dramatic to give that contemporary feel.  

 The worktops are conveniently available in a range of sizes, widths and thicknesses, allowing you to pick the right size for your space and helping to reduce the waste of the beautiful timber. All of the wood is harvested from sustainable sources and expertly manufactured in the UK, and Europe, to create a stunning worktop that will be an asset to any home.   

Placing your order is simple; when you have chosen your preferred light wood, simply pick from the available sizes. If you need assistance placing your order or have any questions, contact us by email or phone, and one of our experts will be happy to help you. 

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