Solid Maple Wood Kitchen Worktops UK

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Maple is an elegant light honey-coloured wood which gives a bright, fresh look. It is perfect for modern and traditional designs, with its wavy grain patterns and delicate colouring, which create a sleek, soft glow.  

This tremendously hard wearing wood has been the first choice, for butcher blocks, for many years and is now popular for modern kitchens. With their light tones, maple worktops can create a bright, fresh look with light cabinets or an eye-catching contrast with darker cabinets.   

The Maple Worktops are skilfully manufactured in the UK and Europe to the highest standards, using only timber which has been harvested from sustainable sources, which is vital to both Wood Worktops and our customers.   

The worktops are assembled using full wood staves (planks), which run the whole length of the worktop and show the wavy grain pattern of this beautiful wood at its best. The staves are, on average, between 100m – 180mm and have a thickness of 38mm.   

Before installation, all worktops require oiling/sealing to all surfaces, including sides and edges. We can provide this service for you, which you can select when purchasing. We strongly recommend that only an experienced professional tradesperson should only carry out the installation with the correct tools and slotted or expansion brackets. The extra wide 1240mm worktops may require additional support to prevent movement such as bowing, warping or cupping.   

To order your worktop, select the correct size from the options given, and if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them by email or telephone.

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