Solid Walnut Wood Kitchen Worktops UK

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Here at Wood Worktops, we have a marvellous range of the finest quality walnut worktops, which have deep luxurious colours and unique flowing patterns. This makes them a great addition to any kitchen design, whether you want to match them with darker-toned cabinets or lighter cabinets to create a striking contrast.  

The walnut worktops range from the European walnut, which has a stronger colour variation and patterns, to the darker black American walnut, which has rich tones and dark pigment. As well as its eye-catching natural beauty, walnut is an incredibly strong timber, making the worktops a strong and durable investment. This hard wearing wood, with its distinctive grain patterns and waves, is an excellent choice, which will grow in richness, depth and warmth as the years pass.  

Our Walnut wooden worktops are manufactured to the highest possible standard in Europe and the UK using carefully selected timbers harvested from sustainable sources. This allows our customers to buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they are not harming the environment. The European Walnut and the American worktops are both available in 40mm wide staves. The American Walnut is also available in a full stave option, with the staves (planks) running the whole length of the worktop.  

To place your order, simply choose the wood and size required from the available options, and if you have any questions, call or email the team. Free wood samples, which allow you to see the wood in your home before making a purchase.  

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