Wooden Worktop Butt Joint For Clamps


*Includes clamps/bolts

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Wooden Worktop Butt Joints

Solid wood worktops create a beautiful, elegant finish to any kitchen and, to retain this look, are joined together invisibly using carefully crafted butt joints and bolts or clamps. These joints help keep the graceful flowing lines of the timber and accommodate the layout of your kitchen design. The joints are suitable for all of the sustainably sourced solid wood worktops in our range and are used to securely fit two worktops together at a right angle to each other (with the end of one worktop attached to the side of the other). 

Our experienced team will router the three joints against the grain using their expertise and precision tools. This helps keep the wood’s natural strength and gives your worktop a safe and secure fit. The butt joint cutting service will save you time, and a lot of work, as all you need to do when your worktops are delivered is to put them together and tighten the bolt securely (the three bolts will be supplied with your worktop).   

You can order the butt joints you require by selecting them when you place the order for your worktop. The cutting guide will show you all the information necessary to make the joints. Then please send the details of the joints required and their positioning to sales@woodworktops.com. If you have any questions, need assistance placing the order for the joints or measuring your worktop, please get in touch with our friendly team of experts by phone or mail.