Wood Worktop DIY End Cap


The price is for individual end caps.

* End caps are fitted on the side of the worktop when installed next to range cookers in order to protect the end grain from heath exposure.

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DIY End Cap Fitting

At Wood Worktops, we know that protecting your solid wood worktop from the beginning can pay off for decades. This is why we provide the DIY End Cap Service, which helps you to protect your worktop from the heat and humidity produced by range cookers (Rangemaster, Aga, Rayburn etc.).   

Whilst the sustainable timber we use to create the wood worktops is very hard wearing, the end grains can become dry and brittle if exposed for prolonged periods to heat. This can, over time, cause damage and possibly shorten the life of the worktop, so protecting the exposed ends is essential.   

The end caps are designed to protect the beautiful woods with their distinctive grain from the heat and to help your worktop last for decades. The DIY service provides you with the lengths of wood worktop, which you can then attach to the exposed grain ends, which are situated next to the range. This will provide a strong barrier between the exposed end grain and the cooker heat. Due to the distinctive contrast in grain patterns that the end caps give, they can also be used for decorative purposes or to protect hardwearing areas such as kitchen islands and breakfast bars.    

To take advantage of the DIY End Cap Service, simply add this option when placing your worktop order. If you have questions or require assistance when placing your order, please email or phone our friendly team of experts, who are always on hand to help you.