Wood Worktop Ellipse End Cutting Service


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Ellipse End Cutting Service

The Ellipse End Cutting Service is ideal for clients who require a beautiful solid wood worktop with an elegant semi-circle finish. The ellipse cut removes the sharp edges from the worktop to create a graceful curve and excellent finish to your design. The ellipse ends range from a very soft curve to a full, semi-circle to suit your particular needs and kitchen design.    

The simple yet stylish design gives a flexible area to a modern kitchen, which can be used for informal dining, entertaining or even a homework space. This cut is also perfect for a kitchen island, a breakfast bar, or to complement a particular cupboard style.  Our team of skilled experts uses the latest machines and technology to cut even the hardwoods in our range like Oak, Wenge and Iroko quickly and easily. This will save you time and money and give you a professionally finished worktop, ready to fit from delivery.   

The cutting guide will provide all the information you need to send us at Wood Worktops, which will enable us to cut your worktop to your required design. You can order an ellipse cut to your worktop when you place your order online, by phone or by email. If placing your order online, please email the measurements to us at sales@woodworktops.com.    

If you have any questions or need assistance with the ellipse cut measurements or placing your order, simply contact one of our friendly experts by phone or email, who will be happy to assist you.