Full Stave Black American Walnut 27mm


80mm-120mm Staves, 27mm thickness

These worktops are described as Full Stave Worktops This is Black American Walnut made from wide planks which run for the full length of the worktop, unlike the finger jointed panels. The planks have been selected to offer a beautiful natural finish. We offer this spectacular product in the widest range of sizes to help our customers avoid unnecessary wastage. All of our wooden worktops are manufactured to the highest possible standard using carefully selected timbers from sustainable sources.


Worktops which are 920mm and 1240mm wide must be oiled and installed immediately after delivery due to the high risk of bowing / warping. We would recommend that additional support is added on the underside of wider worktops in order to prevent movement post installation.

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Size Qty Price Oiling Service Buy Now
0.6m x 620mm x 27mm £95.00
0.9m x 620mm x 27mm £170.00
1.2m x 620mm x 27mm £200.00
1.5m x 620mm x 27mm £300.00
1.8m x 620mm x 27mm £360.00
2.1m x 620mm x 27mm £400.00
2.4m x 620mm x 27mm £490.00
2.7m x 620mm x 27mm £560.00
3m x 620mm x 27mm £600.00
3.3m x 620mm x 27mm £715.00
3.6m x 620mm x 27mm £895.00
3.9m x 620mm x 27mm £1,100.00
4.2m x 620mm x 27mm £1,390.00
0.9m x 720mm x 27mm £190.00
1.2m x 720mm x 27mm £230.00
1.5m x 720mm x 27mm £310.00
1.8m x 720mm x 27mm £410.00
2.1m x 720mm x 27mm £440.00
2.4m x 720mm x 27mm £540.00
2.7m x 720mm x 27mm £640.00
3m x 720mm x 27mm £705.00
3.3m x 720mm x 27mm £815.00
3.6m x 720mm x 27mm £1,060.00
3.9m x 720mm x 27mm £1,350.00
4.2m x 720mm x 27mm £1,525.00
Breakfast Bar - 2m x 920mm x 27mm £630.00
Breakfast Bar - 1.5m x 920mm x 27mm £470.00
Breakfast Bar - 3m x 1240mm x 27mm £1,300.00
Breakfast Bar - 2m x 1240mm x 27mm £830.00
Breakfast Bar - 1.5m x 1240mm x 27mm £615.00
Upstand - 3m x 75mm x 20mm £95.00


The Full Stave Black American Walnut 27mm worktops are perfect for the kitchen design that requires an elegant dark look. With its beautiful wave pattern and unique grain, this hard wearing wood will age gracefully and gain character as the decades pass. The worktops are skilfully crafted from long 27mm think staves (planks), which run the entire length of the worktop and are available in lengths ranging from 0.6m – 4.2m. 

Our latest generation production line ensures that the boards are expertly pressed and sanded to a 150-grit smoothness to create a quality finish on all our worktops. They are delivered untreated with square corners and edges as standard. However, to save time and have your worktop ready to fit from delivery, choose the bespoke cutting and sealing options when placing your order. Safely fitting a worktop that will last for decades is a skilled job, which we strongly recommend is undertaken by only skilled tradespeople with the expertise and tools for the task. Slotted or expansion brackets should be used to fit the worktops securely, and additional support may be required on the larger 1240m worktops to prevent possible cupping, warping or bowing. 

A walnut worktop will last for decades, so choosing the right option for your home and design is essential. We, therefore, supply free wood samples, which you can see in your home; you will find them in the samples option. When you are ready to order your worktop, pick the correct size from the options. If you have any questions you would like answered before placing your order, call or email the team.

  • Square Edges – (edge profiling in a range of styles is available via our bespoke service)
  • Square Corners
  • Untreated, Sanded to 150 grit smoothness, ready for oiling (pre-oiling service with Danish Oil available via our bespoke service)
  • Stave Width – 80mm-120mm (average range)
  • Thickness – 27mm
  • All wooden worktops must be sealed/treated prior to installation and use.
  • All wooden worktops must be fully fixed/attached to base units using slotted / expansion brackets
  • We strongly recommend that all wooden worktops are installed by experienced professional tradesmen using appropriate tools
  • All extra wide worktops (1240mm) may require additional support on the underside to prevent movement like bowing, warping, and cupping.

Delivery Info

Normal delivery charges are per delivery for any number of items.

  • Standard Delivery – £35.00 (3-6 working days) *lead times may vary during busier periods 
  • South Scotland – £90.00 (up to 10 working days)
  • Central ScotlandPLEASE CALL US FOR A QUOTE (up to 10 working days)
  • Anglesey – £90.00 (up to 10 working days)
  • Devon, Cornwall, Wales – £90 (up to 10 working days)
  • North Scotland/Highlands – Subject to confirmation before order is placed
  • Upstands – £25 (any number of Upstands)

Important: We do not deliver to Northern Ireland, The British Isles and Scottish Islands.

Care & Maintenance

Below you will find links to guides for wood worktops, kitchens and anything else we feel you would find interesting. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us online or by phone.

Caring for your solid wood worktops
How to: Danish oil for worktops

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