Wooden Worktop Hob Cut Out Services


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An essential part of any modern, or traditional kitchen, is the hob and how it fits in, with the kitchen design, on both a practical and aesthetic level. Whatever type of hob you choose, your beautiful worktop must be prepared to ensure a good fit which will last – which is why we provide the Wooden Worktop Cut Out Service.  

At Wood worktops, we understand the importance of creating a brilliant finish to your kitchen design and helping you to get the most out of your investment. We do this by using our many years of experience and knowledge to make the necessary cuts with perfect precision, giving you the finish you would expect from a high-quality wood worktop. The convenient hob cut-out service will cater for any hob you choose and save you, or your carpenter, the hassle of trying to create a precise cut, whilst balancing, the worktop on a workbench.    

Using the hob cut-out service is simple; add the service to your order when you purchase your wood worktop. Then email the cutting details and measurements to sales@woodworktops.com. The details we require can be found in the Cutting Guide. Please allow a 100mm gap between the edge of the worktop and the cut line of the hob. This gap will help to ensure the strength and stability of the worktop during its lifetime.    

If you have any questions or need assistance with the measurement or placing your order, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team by email or phone.