Wood Worktop Hot Rod Fitting


5 x 300mm stainless steel rods

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Worktop Hot Rod

We pride ourselves on sourcing spectacular timbers to create a stunning finish for contemporary and traditional kitchen designs here at Wood Worktops. Whilst the timbers are incredibly durable and hard wearing to keep them looking at their best; they do need a little protection from extreme heat and scorching. We highly recommend protecting your worktop from hot pans and plates with heatproof, a trivet, mat or stylish worktop protector rods.   

The wood worktop hot rods are a popular choice in our range and ideal as they are always there, ready to take a hot pan. They allow you to put the pan down quickly and safely without searching for a trivet, a mat or a cloth to protect the worktop. The naturally grained wood and the silver stainless steel hot rods create impressive contrast and give an elegant finish to your worktop. The rods also reduce the need for storing multiple heatproof mats and trivets.  

Our experienced team uses their craftsmanship, high-precision tools and the latest generation machines to fit the 5, 300mm stainless steel rods into your worktop of choice. This creates a contemporary look which is stylish, functional and easy to maintain for years to come.   

You can order your wood worktop hot rod fitting service by selecting this option when you purchase your worktop. Please refer to the cutting guide, which will show you the measurements and information we require and email your diagram of sales@woodworktops.com. Call or email our friendly team of experts, if you have questions or need assistance.