Iroko Worktop


40mm Staves

Iroko is sometimes referred to as “African Teak” and makes a very good kitchen worktop as it is highly resistant to staining and the dark hues and golden tones make this a very warm wood to incorporate into your kitchen design. Iroko has a high oil content which makes it naturally more moisture-resistant than the rest of the timbers.

These are Iroko worktops with 40mm wide staves (blocks). Our wooden worktops are manufactured to the highest possible standard using carefully selected timbers from sustainable sources.

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Size Qty Price Oiling Service Buy Now
4m x 620mm x 40mm £460.00
3m x 620mm x 40mm £330.00
2m x 620mm x 40mm £230.00
1.5m x 620mm x 40mm £180.00
1m x 620mm x 40mm £120.00
4m x 720mm x 40mm £540.00
3m x 720mm x 40mm £400.00
2m x 720mm x 40mm £270.00
1.5m x 720mm x 40mm £220.00
1m x 720mm x 40mm £160.00
4m x 620mm x 27mm £400.00
3m x 620mm x 27mm £300.00
2m x 620mm x 27mm £200.00
1m x 620mm x 27mm £120.00
4m x 720mm x 27mm £480.00
3m x 720mm x 27mm £360.00
2m x 720mm x 27mm £240.00
1m x 720mm x 27mm £140.00
Breakfast Bar - 3m x 920mm x 40mm £470.00
Breakfast Bar - 2m x 920mm x 40mm £360.00
Breakfast Bar - 3m x 1240mm x 40mm £750.00
Breakfast Bar - 2m x 1240mm x 40mm £600.00
Breakfast Bar - 1.5m x 1240mm x 40mm £470.00
Breakfast Bar - 3m x 920mm x 27mm £420.00
Breakfast Bar - 2m x 920mm x 27mm £310.00
Breakfast Bar - 3m x 1240mm x 27mm £700.00
Breakfast Bar - 2m x 1240mm x 27mm £500.00
Breakfast Bar - 1.5m x 1240mm x 27mm £380.00
Upstand - 3m x 80mm x 20mm £70.00
Plinth - 3m x 150mm x 20mm £100.00


The Iroko worktop, with its warm, sophisticated tones and rich bronze colouring, creates a stunning centrepiece in any kitchen design. This elegant wood, also known as African Teak with its unusual mottled grain pattern and linear markings, is hardwearing, rich in oils and naturally stain resistant.   

Carefully chosen 40mm wooden staves (blocks) are connected by V grooved joints; this creates a durable worktop with a distinctive block pattern that will last for years. All of the timber used to make the Iroko worktops are from sustainable sources, which is essential to us here at Wood Worktops and our customers.  

The worktops have a thickness of 40mm, and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your design and space. As standard, the worktops are supplied untreated, with square corners and edges, and have a 150-grit smoothness (oiling or sealing should be carried out before installation). If you would like your worktop delivered pre-cut and oiled, please select these additional services when placing your order.   

Safety is extremely important to us at Wood Worktops, so we strongly recommend using a qualified tradesperson with the correct tools and fixings to install your worktop. Additional support may also be necessary for the extra wide (1420) worktops to help prevent warping, cupping and bowing. If you have any questions before placing your order, contact our team of experts by email or phone, who will be happy to answer them. You can place your order online by selecting the worktop you require from the options given.    

  • Square Edges – (edge profiling in a range of styles is available via our bespoke service)
  • Square Corners
  • Untreated, Sanded to 150 grit smoothness, ready for oiling (pre-oiling service with Danish Oil available via our bespoke service)
  • Stave Width – 40mm
  • Thickness – 40mm
  • All wooden worktops must be sealed/treated prior to installation and use. All sides and edges must be treated
  • All wooden worktops must be fully fixed/attached to base units using slotted / expansion brackets
  • We strongly recommend that all wooden worktops are installed by experienced professional tradesmen using appropriate tools
  • All extra wide worktops (1240mm) may require additional support on the underside to prevent movement like bowing, warping, and cupping.

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