Irregular Wooden Worktop Cutting Services


The price varies from £15 to £45.

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Irregular Wood Worktop Cutting Service

Houses come in all shapes and sizes, and families often have unique kitchen spaces and design requirements. The Irregular Wooden Worktop Cutting Service allows you to embrace the uniqueness and character of your home. The cutting service will create a worktop that looks stunning and fits beautifully into a traditional or contemporary design, whether you have pipes and irregular walls or a small galley kitchen. The unique design allows you to have all the essentials and little luxuries required to create the perfect working space to cook, entertain and enjoy.

Our skilled team of experts is on hand to help you accommodate the protrusions, bumps and irregularities many houses have, with a customised worktop specific to your home and design. The team are able to expertly craft unique designs into any of the solid wood worktops in our range. They use the latest cutting and finishing technology to accommodate even the most challenging spaces easily. This will allow you to have a design that perfectly fits your home and requirements.    

The cutting guide will give you all the information we need to quote for your specific design. Email the details to us at We will then send you a quote for the cutting service, and if you are happy with the quote, you can then add this service to your worktop order. If you have any questions or need help with the cutting details, please email or call our friendly team of experts, who will be happy to assist you.