Wooden Worktop Tap Hole Cutting Services


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At Wood Worktops, we understand how important the finishing touches are to the overall look of your kitchen – a room which is often the hub of a modern home. Our fast and reliable wood worktop tap hole cutting service gives a beautiful finish and prepares your worktop for a hassle-free installation. The service is available over our entire collection of worktops, and our machine makes light work of even the hardest of wood in our range, such as Oak and Wenge. To give a luxurious feel to your kitchen and make the most of your investment.  

It is essential to get a good fit with the tap to prevent leaks, and the standard tap hole size is 35mm in diameter. However, this can vary depending on the design and manufacturer, so it is important to check the diameter of your taps before submitting the cutting details and location to us. You can usually find the tap size on the fitting instructions or by contacting the manufacturer.  

Choosing the fabrication service is simple and allows you to relax in the knowledge that your worktop is being modified, to your exact requirements, without you having to lift a finger. To place your order – when you have your tap size and location, please refer to the cutting guide, which will show you the information we require to make the tap holes. Then email these details to sales@woodworktops.com.   

If you need assistance with the details or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts by email or phone.