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Solid Wood Worktops Info

We supply top quality wooden worktops in a variety of woods Ltd is a specialist in solid wood and as a result, we can offer you the highest quality service, delivery and of course great prices. We are trade suppliers as well as retail so we can produce our solid wood worktops to the highest standards but also manage to keep our prices very LOW, which is all good news for you!

All you need to do is decide which type of wood you want. Ordering is simple, either online or on the phone. Fitting accessories are available too and don’t forget that we also have a bespoke cutting service:

  • All of our Wooden Worktops are supplied untreated with square edges and corners (unless otherwise specified)
  • All Wooden Worktops are made from “Staves” which are solid wooden blocks/planks which can vary in length and width. These range from 25mm wide staves, 40mm wide staves, 80mm wide staves, 80-120mm wide full-length staves
Prime Oak
full stave maple
prime beech
full stave oak
full stave walnut
full stave prime oak
Full Stave Iroko
Full Stave Ash
Full Stave Cherry
Full Stave Sapele
end grain oak
super stave rustic oak
deluxe oak
Full Stave prime oak

Wood worktop types and styles


These worktops are made from 40mm wide blocks with variable lengths. They are the most popular and most common type of wooden worktop because of their excellent value for money, great durability and attractive “brick pattern” design. They are produced using “finger joint” technology whereby the short ends of the blocks are connected to each other via V grooved joints. These worktops are available in almost all wood types.

Thicknesses available: 22mm, 27mm, 40mm

wide stave

These worktops are made from 80mm wide blocks with variable lengths. They have similar construction and pattern to the 40mm stave worktops but the blocks/planks which are used are wider and longer. The appearance, therefore, is less “cluttered” offering the sense of more continuous grain patterns and a less “manufactured”, more natural look. They are produced using “finger joint” technology whereby the short ends of the blocks are connected to each other via V grooved joints.

These worktops are available in Oak and occasionally in some other wood types.

Thicknesses available: 40mm

full stave

Full stave worktops, with wide, long planks are the most luxurious variety of wooden worktops we offer. These worktops are made from continuous planks of timber running for the full length of the worktop. These worktops offer the most natural look and feel as it gives the impression of a single piece of wood. The width of the planks we use varies between 80mm-120mm on average but could be as wide as 160mm-200mm. Full stave wooden worktops are available in most timber types with a thickness of 38mm.

In Oak and American Walnut, we also offer Full stave worktops in 27mm thickness.

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Our range of full stave wooden worktops is the most extensive on the UK market in terms of variety and size availability – being offered in lengths starting at 0.6m and every foot up to 4.2m in length. This allows our customers to buy their full stave worktops with minimal wastage and also avoid joints where there are long runs of kitchen units.

As part of our extended range of full stave wooden worktops, we now offer a range of 18 thick worktops/furniture panels in American Oak.

end grain

End grain butcher block worktops are created by fusing together the end pieces of wood staves into a checkerboard pattern. The end grain of the wood is considered the strongest and most durable part of it. It has a particularly warm look and feel, is naturally anti-bacterial and is incredibly strong and durable. These end grain tops could be used on their own or in addition to materials such as granite and quartz to soften the look of your kitchen with its unique patterns.

Our Oak butcher block worktops come in 2 standard thicknesses – 50mm and 80mm.

  • Most items are in stock for collection or delivery within 3-5 working days
  • Matching upstands are available in almost all wood varieties
  • Worktops are sanded to 150 grit and ready to oil with a suitable oil (e.g. Danish oil)
  • Wood worktops offer a complete bespoke cutting service (Worktop cutting)
  • Free wood samples are available
  • Read our worktop care guide to ensure they stay looking great
  • See why oak is a classic worktop choice – read the article here

Why wait, order your Solid wood worktop today!

We know wood, and because of this, we are able to offer you an expansive collection of wood worktops and services, to suit any and all home projects.

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