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Solid Wooden Breakfast Bar Worktop

The breakfast bars are a popular choice in our range that many customers use to transform their kitchens. They are made from solid wood, giving your kitchen a robust space, which will last for years, gaining character as the meals and years pass. The wide area adds a versatile surface which can have many uses, from informal dining and entertaining to a homework space or somewhere for a quiet morning coffee.   

Kitchens are often used for far more than cooking, and the breakfast bar allows you to utilise the available space to its best. They make a great room divider and let guests or family members be with the person, cooking without actually being in the kitchen space. This transforms your kitchen into a multifunctional entertaining or family area, which can often become the hub of a modern home.   

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Breakfast Bar Worktops

The breakfast bars are available in a vast array of timbers to enable you to get the right match for your space, design and cabinets. They range from the traditional Oak, with its golden, honey tones and unique knot patterns, which add warmth, to the luxuriously dark Wenge wood, which can be used to create a dramatic centrepiece.   

At Wood Worktops, we take great pride in our work and like to look after the environment, which is why we only use sustainably sourced timbers to create the worktops and breakfast bars. This allows our customers to buy with confidence and to know that they are purchasing a quality product that is not harming the environment.   

The breakfast bars are available in full stave (planks) and 40m stave (block) options. The full staves are made from planks that run the breakfast bar’s complete length and show the long linear grains at their best. The 40m blocks are joined together using v-groove joints and can be identified by their unique block patterns.   

We expertly manufactured all of the breakfast bars in the UK and Europe by skilled craftspeople to a high-quality 150-grit finish. This creates a smooth surface ready for oiling/sealing, which should be completed before fitting. Many of our customers like to save time and use the oiling/sealing service we provide; this is ideal if they are short of space, as it allows them to fit the breakfast bar straight from delivery. If you are unsure of the wood that will suit your home, you can take advantage of the free wood sample service, which will help you buy from us confidently.    

With our many years of experience, you can be assured of the quality product you will receive when you order your breakfast bar from us. We have a team of experts who are on hand to help you through your buying journey and to ensure you get the right product and fit for your home.   

You can place your order online or by contacting our team by phone or email, who will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have before placing your order.

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