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Solid Butchers Block Worktops

The butcher’s block worktops are an excellent addition to both the modern and traditional kitchen. They offer a high-quality, hardwearing practical area for food preparation, as well as creating a stunning feature full of warmth, character and charm. They are available in a range of thicknesses to fit in with your kitchen design and can be teamed with other similar woods. Or used to soften the look of hard materials, such as granite or marble.    

Butcher’s blocks are created, by fusing together end grains of wood staves, in a vertical formation to make the familiar checkerboard effect. This design technique directly contrasts with the usual horizontal stave worktop construction we often see. This design exposes the resilient end grain of the wood and gives a highly durable, hardwearing and tactile surface. Perfect for food preparation, cutting and chopping. Having a ready-made chopping board will save you both time and space. It also removes the need to hunt for an elusive chopping board each time you prepare food. As well as the need to store multiple boards, that take up valuable cupboard space and often need replacing.  

oak worktop

Butchers Block Worktops

The butcher’s block worktops are available in various timbers to suit your design, style and space. You can choose from maple wood with its light colours and open grain, oak wood with its natural knots and soft, warm, mellow colouring and walnut with varying tones and stripy-coloured grain patterns. All the woods we use are very resilient and will become part of your home, gaining character as the year’s pass and your memories are created.   

The wood we use at Wood Worktops is harvested from sustainable sources, which is essential to us, and helps our customers feel assured that the environment is not harmed due to their worktop purchase. The worktops are expertly crafted in the UK and Europe using the latest technology, to an exceptionally high standard, with a 150-grit finish and square edges and corners. This leaves them ready for oiling/sealing, which should be completed before installation is carried out. For customers who do not have the time or space to oil or seal their worktop, we do supply an oiling/sealing service which you can easily add to your order.

We strongly advise using a skilled tradesperson with the correct tools and brackets to fit your butcher’s block worktop safely and securely. This will give you the best results and peace of mind that you have something that will last for decades.   

We pride ourselves on our work and service and use our many years of experience and knowledge to help you make the right solid wood worktop choice for your home.   

Placing your order with Wood worktops is simple. Select the required worktop from the options given, remembering to add any additional services, such as the oiling/cutting service, if required. If you have any questions or need any assistance, call or email one of our friendly experts, and we will be on hand to help you.   

Butchers Block Wood Types

We offer Butchers blocks in 3 different types of wood, Oak, Walnut & Maple.

Oak Butchers Block

Walnut Butchers Block

Maple Butchers Block

Why wait, order your Solid wood worktop today!

We know wood, and because of this, we are able to offer you an expansive collection of wood worktops and services, to suit any and all home projects.

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