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Solid Wood Countertops & Surfaces

We have a wide range of countertops to give your kitchen a stylish yet hard-wearing finish. The countertops are expertly crafted from solid wood, and come in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses, to suit your space and design. Whether you have a modern design or something more traditional, we will have an option to complement your kitchen cabinets beautifully.  

Kitchens are often busy spaces used for far more than just cooking. The countertops give you a versatile area which can be used for informal dining, entertaining, or as a homework space for children. The solid wood provides a tactile warmth and a hard working surface, which will last for decades and gain character as the years pass.

prime oak

Kitchen Countertops & Surfaces

The countertops are available in a vast range of timbers to suit your room and colour pallet. They range from the lightest Ash, which has a delicate grey, grain pattern, to the dark, almost black Wenge wood, which can be used to create a stunning contrast with light cabinets. Whichever wood you choose, you are guaranteed an attractive, hardwearing and versatile area which will become part of your home. Allowing you to gather with family and friends, to eat, chat and make precious memories.  

The countertops are skilfully manufactured, in the UK and Europe, from sustainably sourced timbers. This allows us to create high-quality products, look after the environment, and give our customers peace of mind.  

We are specialists in solid wood and choose only the best quality timbers, which enables us to create a stunning finished product to an exceptional standard. The countertops are available in two main designs, the full stave (plank) and 40mm stave (block) options, to suit your budget, area and design. The full stave design comprises of staves (planks) that run the entire worktop’s length, and the 40mm stave (blocks) structure is created by joining blocks using V-groove joints, which makes the familiar block pattern. 

After being manufactured, they are sanded to a high 150-grit finish, creating a smooth surface ready for oiling/sealing. This should be completed before installation on all surfaces, including the edges. We have an oiling/sealing service that many of our customers use, as it can save them time, work and space.  

We strongly advise using an experienced and qualified tradesperson to fit your countertop, as this will give you the best results and ensure a safe and secure fitting for many years.  

Here at Wood Worktop, we pride ourselves on giving our customers an excellent experience, from initial enquiry to delivery. We are always on hand to share our years of experience, and expertise, to help you create the stunning kitchen space you desire.  

After carefully measuring your counter space area, you can place your order directly online, remembering to add any services you require, such as the oiling/sealing service or the bespoke cutting service. If you have questions or need assistance, you can simply contact our friendly team. They will be on hand to help you and guide you through the buying process. 

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