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Wooden Kitchen Worktop Upstands

The finishing touches you add to your kitchen design can make an immense difference to the overall look. Wooden Upstands are perfect for giving your kitchen a seamless look. They help your worktop meld magically into the wall, elongating the natural grain patterns and creating a beautifully sleek and flawless look from the worktop to the wall. The upstands are available in an extensive range of timbers, known for their hard wearing qualities.  

Wooden upstands are an excellent accompaniment to your solid wood worktop and create a smooth, sophisticated finish from the worktop to the wall. The narrow piece of wood sits neatly on the join between the worktop and the wall. The upstands are perfect for hiding the join between the wall and the worktop and giving a hard wearing finish to your design. They can be used to mask gaps often seen in older properties and protect the walls from water, splashes and impact damage. They also create a barrier that prevents moisture from spills seeping behind your kitchen cabinets and causing smells and damage.

prime oak

Kitchen Worktop Upstands

Whether your kitchen design features the light tones of the Oak and Ash or the darker tones of the cherry and Sapele worktop, we will have an upstand for you. The upstands are designed to complement your worktop and are available in the full range to match the solid wood worktops we supply. This will enable you to create a practical, stylish, sleek look for your kitchen that will last for years.  

At Wood worktops, we believe in exceptional quality and use our skills and many years of experience to provide everything you need for your kitchen design. We have an extensive range of timbers for our customers to choose from to give you the right wood to complement your design and space. The upstands are made from sustainably sourced timber, meaning you can buy them safe in the knowledge that your purchase is not harming the environment.  

The solid wood upstands are made in the UK and Europe and have the same high-quality finish as our worktops. They are sanded to a 150-grit finish and are ready for oiling/sealing, which will help to protect them from spills and splashes. Oiling/sealing should be carried out before the upstands are fitted. We have an oiling/sealing service that you can take advantage of if you want to save time and have your upstands ready to install from delivery. If you would like to see the wood in your home before making your purchase, you can take advantage of our free wood sample service to help you pick the most suitable wood for your kitchen design.   

We take great pride in our work and customer service and have a team of experts to help and advise you from your initial enquiry to your delivery. You can place your order online by choosing from the options given, or if you need assistance, you can contact one of the team by phone or email if you have questions or need help

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