40mm Wood Kitchen Worktops

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The 40mm Wood Kitchen Worktops are the thickest worktops in our extensive range. They are created using finger jointed staves.

The worktops are crafted, from sustainably sourced timbers manufactured in the UK and Europe, to a 150-grit finish, with square edges and corners. The worktops are ready for sealing/oiling, which should be completed before the worktops are installed. We offer an oiling/sealing service here at Wood Worktops if you would prefer your worktop ready to fit on delivery. You can select this option when placing your worktop order.   

We advise that you use a qualified and experienced tradesperson to fit your worktop, as the job requires the right skills and brackets to achieve a safe and secure fit that will last for years.  

Placing your order is simple. Just select the worktop you require from the options given, and if you need any assistance, contact our friendly team, who will be happy to share their expertise and help you by phone or email.

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